By James Bean

When I first read the Book of the Great Invisible Spirit (Gospel of the Egyptians) in the Nag Hammadi Library I immediately recognized the strings of vowels that are present in the text as a kind of western equivalent of the AAAUUUMMM (OM) chant of eastern religions…

by James Bean

On International Women’s Day I was watching a Syrian Orthodox gathering that was being streamed online, and much to my surprise one of the speakers began reading from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and discussing it! They were using Karen King’s translation^^ that includes some Greek Oxyrhynchus…

Genres: Psalms, Poetry, Bhakti (devotion), Gnosticism, Gnostic Christianity, Meditation, Sacred Texts, Lost Books of the Bible, Mysticism, Metaphysics, Philosophy

This mysterious collection of ancient psalms known as “the Odes of Solomon,” written in Syriac, a dialect of the Aramaic language, has been described as “some of the most beautiful songs…

heart of hearts

Across the many centuries, lovers of the Beloved have been the composers of divine ecstatic poems, ghazals, odes, hymns psalms, banis, gathas, kirtans, shabds, and bachans. …

A page from the Gospel of Thomas in Coptic found at Nag Hammadi, the language of Egyptian Christianity. Most scholars believe the Coptic edition of the Gospel of Thomas was copied by monks from an earlier Greek manuscript.

Some fragments from the lost Gospel of Thomas containing a few sayings attributed to Jesus were unearthed by the papyrologists Bernard Pyne Grenfell and Arthur Surridge Hunt. These sayings were part of an impressive cache of literature composed in Greek that was discovered at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt back in 1897. …

Most of the vegans I know are Jains, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sufis, Radhaswamis (my path), Bahais, or practice some form of individualistic "none-of-the-above" spirituality.

“Since the exterior senses, by hearing, by sight, by the sense of smell and of touch, are not able to search out the innermost mysteries of the natures, on this account God conceals within the inner members a nature having senses more subtle than all the bodies. Now because of the subtleness of its stirrings, this nature searches out the hidden wisdom of the things created by the Lord of all.” (John the Solitary, “John the Solitary On the Soul”, Syriac mystic)

In addition to the categories of apocrypha including New Testament apocrypha, as in alternative gospels and other writings of the first few centuries CE, Nag Hammadi Library and other collections or discoveries of Gnostic texts, there is another genre I’m an avid reader of: the Syriac mystics.

They’re not mystics because they write poetry,
not saints because they’re related to a saint.
Their names and costumes don’t matter;
only those who face the enemy in battle are brave.
They’re not mystics just because they play instruments
and drape an ascetic’s blanket over their shoulders,
or sing and recite scriptures.
Reading the Vedas and performing rituals
does not make them saints.
Penances, pilgrimages and living in forests
make no one a mystic.
Beads, caste marks and smeared ashes —
these don’t make a saint.
If they don’t forget the body*, says Tuka,
they’re just people of the world.

— Sant Tukarama, Many Voices, One Song, The Poet Mystics of Maharashtra

* Note: “forget the body”, or in other words, being able to transcend the material realm via a meditation practice.

I’m sure this book: will be well received in the community it is intended for. In terms of historical accuracy however it does not represent a sincere curiosity for truth in any scholarly sense. …

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

Carl Sagan in an interview on Science Friday back in the 90’s mentioned there are numerous brief unknown non-repeating radio signals coming from the sky, many apparently “emanating from the galactic plane of the Milky Way” where the greatest concentration of stars and planets are located. Doug Vakoch also mentions…

James Bean

Am vegan, a mystic-explorer and devotee of a spiritual path called Sant Mat, author & host of Spiritual Awakening Radio:

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